DTG Printer Plus UV Printing Offer Big Opportunities

DTG Printers, or “direct to garment” printers, are the quintessential t-shirt printers. UV Printing is used to print onto almost everything except t-shirts. The idea behind Bundling these 2 different inkjet printing technologies together in your business is one that can easily generate more sales, and profits, with every customer you meet. We’re going to […]

Making a Jig for UV Printing

Creating a Temporary Jig | Lapel Pin Example We receive a lot of different items to print for samples. While many items are fairly straightforward – flat, level, easy to target. Some are more challenging. Recently we were sent some lapel pins to print on. They were small – .75” diameter and obviously would not […]

UV Printing: Questions and Answers Session

Questions and Answers About UV Printing ColDesi’s own Don Copeland joined Terry Combs and Aaron Montgomery at 2 Regular Guys Podcast to talk about UV Printing. Give us a rundown of what UV Printing is and its benefits to garment and product decorators. Don: A lot of people don’t understand what UV is about. We think […]

UV Printing = the “New” Pad Printing

Pad printing has been the standard for decorating a wide range of items ranging from electronic micro-components to toys to ad specialty items to golf balls and the like for the better part of the last 75 years. Materials ranging from plastics to metals and wood to ceramics and glass can all be embellished with pad printing […]

Printing Variable Data on a Flatbed UV Printer

Using the Compress iUV600s printer, we created name badges to showcase how the variable data on a flatbed UV Printer can be used to print name badges and other variable data objects. We ordered plastic name badges off of Amazon (1.5 inches x 3 inches). The badges came to about $1.28 each. Using the printer to create full-color badges, […]

Making Custom Printed Packaging Boxes With UV Printers

New Machine Makes Instantly Dry Custom Printed Packaging Boxes Here’s the situation, you’re waiting outside the door while your competitor finishes their presentation of their newest custom printed packaging boxes. It’s your turn now, and some of the top people in the organization are waiting to see what your business can do for them. They need custom […]

Guide to Choosing a Flatbed UV-LED Printer

Adding a Flatbed UV Printer can be a great way to grow your business, but buying a machine that doesn’t meet your current or future needs can be very frustrating, wasting both time AND money. A little homework upfront when choosing your flatbed UV printer will help you make the right choice. This article is intended […]