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Over 51,000 companies trust ColDesi to expertly match them with the best high-quality equipment and supplies solutions for their client's needs.

— We do not recommend UV for Printing on fabrics

Choosing a UV Printer is about the application first.

After all, you found ColDesi’s UV Printer options because you had a problem to solve – like the need to mark or customize something too big for other printers. Or you had a specific application in mind, like making yard signs or directional signage. Or you have a very specific item you need to print for manufacturing or mass production of promotional products. 

You’re in the right place no matter what your application is. The combination of the Compress UV Printer lineup’s versatility and Mutoh’s budget option at one end and HUGE print capabilities at the other end of the spectrum make this the best place to find the printer that will solve your current printing problem OR propel your business to new heights.

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What is UV Printing? 

What is UV Printing? 

UV Printing is a digital printing process for both finished and unfinished hard surface goods. For this printing process, the UV Printer applies inks directly to the desired surface. These inks are instantly cured with UV light and ready to use right after printing. What makes UV printing unique? 1. UV printing provides a larger […]

What is UV DTF Printing

What is UV DTF Printing

UV DTF (Direct-to-Film) Printing is an innovative printing process that utilizes a UV printer to print directly to film without the need for ink or toner. This process offers many advantages, including increased durability and affordability, over traditional printing methods. UV printers have been used in the graphic arts and commercial printing industries for decades, […]

How to UV Print on Golf Balls

How to UV Print on Golf Balls

With a lot of people looking for new hobbies to indulge in, many of them find the joy of playing a game of golf in the vast green courses. Because of this increase in this sport’s popularity, we believe that selling promotional golf products is a lucrative business venture to explore. If you want to […]

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