Making Custom Printed Packaging Boxes With UV Printers

New Machine Makes Instantly Dry Custom Printed Packaging Boxes

Here’s the situation, you’re waiting outside the door while your competitor finishes their presentation of their newest custom printed packaging boxes.

It’s your turn now, and some of the top people in the organization are waiting to see what your business can do for them.

They need custom printed packaging boxes for a rush project, and you’re one of only three vendors with a machine that can get them done in time.

Unlike the last two groups, you’ve got an ace in the hole.  You’ve got technology on your side.

The new UV printer you bought (the iUV-600s) has been working through the night, and the custom printed carton boxes you put together look stunning.

Custom Printed Carton Boxes in Full Color With Dieline Proofs

You’ve got full-color proofs ready to hand out, and you’ve even put together a custom die line sample.  Amazing!

Those other guys are still waiting for the ink to dry.

They tried to sell pieces of cardboard cut out by hand with printed labels on them, but you’ve got fully finished custom printed packaging boxes ready to go.

Winning the respect of your larger clients is becoming a trend.

Even though your competitors are using big named printers like SooPak, PrintCosmo, or PakFactory for their custom packaging design work, you’re cutting out the middleman.

The Compress brand UV printer from ColDesi is letting you print more custom printed packaging boxes in more styles than ever before.

Types of Packaging Boxes and Custom Printed Carton Boxes

For a long time, custom printed packaging boxes have been available in many sizes and shapes. The Compress Brand Printers can handle all types of boxes with their extra large field area.

The iUV-600s can handle Die Line cutouts up to 24” by 17.7, ” and the iUV-1200s go bigger than that at 44.75” by 29.5”.  Both printers have a small floor footprint, and you can change it out.

Not many people have a UV Printer that can print custom boxes.  The all steel construction, the Dual LED variable watt low heat UV lamps, and the automatic media height detection system will keep your profits soaring on all kinds of boxes.

Short Run Custom Printed Packaging Boxes are finally affordable

So whether you have a big job, or need a UV printer that can do short run custom boxes, the iUV-600 or iUV-1200 has you covered.  The white ink management system and the low cost of ink make the printer an excellent choice for short runs.

Both UV printers can print on almost any custom printed packaging box material.  Custom printing, acrylics, glass, plastics, wood, metals, ceramics, and other types of materials is what makes UV printers better than traditional printers.

They see action in promotional products industries, corporate branding, signage, awards, and recognition.

Want to know more?

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