About UV Printers and ColDesi

Our Approach

The key thing that makes talking to us about a Compress UV Printer is that equipment isn’t the only thing on our minds.

We’ve got 50+ years of helping people start and expand businesses with a variety of different kinds of equipment, software, and supplies. That’s 50+ years of experience, 50+ years of time devoted to their success, and 50+ years of having those companies come back to us again and again.

And an equally long history of helping some of the largest companies in the world improved production, providing them with DURABLE  products with low operations cost. Along with excellent long-term service, of course.

Other Product Lines from ColDesi include:

Many of our customers grow with us – adding more ways to make money and expand their businesses over time. Our success is based on helping you be successful so every time you grow, we grow.

You can talk to us about your business and be assured that we understand, and are here to help you long term. Even if one of our Compress UV Printers isn’t right for you.

Our Story

The Compress UV Printer is part of the ColDesi family of brands and equipment. We started in 1964 in the apparel and promotional products business and have built a company we’re proud of with tens of thousands of customers and tens of thousands of businesses we helped get started or get to the next level.

The Compress UV Printer line was added in response to the market, our customer’s requests and a great opportunity. The market for UV printers and printed goods in promotional products and signage is booming, our customers started asking about this newly popular technology and the Compress line had the right combination of quality, features and price point for us to want to put our name behind it.

Come visit us in Tampa, FL at our headquarters, chat with us one one of our websites, call us on the phone to talk in person or fill out a contact us form here – however you decide to get in touch, whatever your business plans, we’re ready to help make you and your business a success. Put us to the test!

Learn more about ColDesi at: https://coldesi.com