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XpertJet 461UF

Mutoh XpertJet 461UF | Flatbed UV Printer

The Mutoh XpertJet 461UF Flatbed UV Printer is an incredibly economical way to add capabilities, and revenues, to any business. This problem-solving, small format flatbed UV Printer has all the power and quality you expect from Mutoh for a very attractive price.

What Makes the XpertJet 461 stand out?

It’s not only the obvious value for the dollar that makes the 461UF stand out among the competition AND compared to other Mutoh UV Printers. It’s the design itself.

Tabletop sized UV printer with a big print area

It’s hard to believe that you can fit a printer with a large 13” x 19” print size onto a tabletop, but you can! And that both improves workflow and frees up real estate inside your shop for other things. That 247 square inch bed size means that you can print more golf balls, more name tags, tiles and highlighters – or whatever you customize – on every print run.

ADA Braille compliant signage printing

This could be the most profitable aspect of Mutoh XpertJet printer line up – Braille signage is REQUIRED by law and those requirements are almost always met in under the 13” x 19” bed size of the 461UF.

With even small custom braille signage selling for $50 or more online it’s an easy profit center!

Lots of Headroom

Print DEPTH is an all-too-often ignored feature in a flatbed UV printer. Especially a tabletop version like the 461UF. The 2.75” depth that this Mutoh printer normally sports is a fairly common depth. It’s what let’s you mark things like custom golf balls for example. But when you remove the bed that depth increases to about 5.9”!

Now you’ve added the capability to print on prepackaged items, to create custom boxes, to print on sports equipment and bicycle parts – in fact, our customers surprise us every week with the items they think of to print on. Or have a NEED to print on.


There’s something that really sets apart the look of something printed with either of the Mutoh XpertJet UV printers – and that’s a beautifully smooth print and the application of varnish to the finished product.

Just look at these samples to see what we mean.

The XpertJet 461UF Sports Several Very USEFUL upgrades

#1: Vacuum Bed

The Vacuum bed is an optional feature of the 461UF, making it perfect for printing on lighter materials like paper, coroplast, cardboard, and more.

Software control of the vacuum bed allows you to use as much or as little vacuum force as you need

#2: Local Dimming Control Technology

This patent-pending breakthrough enables the precise placement of gloss, matte, and semi-gloss varnish on one image in a single print pass. It contributes not only to efficiency in printing, but provides some truly amazing results!

#3: ColDesi Custom Software Bundle

While not strictly a feature of the Mutoh XpertJet 461UF itself, ColDesi does provide a software suite that takes the printer’s capabilities up a notch.

Compress RIP and Compress Designer software applications were initially developed for the larger iUV600s and iUV1200s flatbed UV printers. But they’ve been remade to apply all those great features for the Mutoh's.

Tip: The variable data capabilities are just a game-changer!

#4: Print Depth

Mutoh’s 461UF has a standard 2.75” print depth, but you can remove the table to get up to a 5.9” deep object in for printing. But the 461UF allows for that SAME depth natively, leaving the vacuum bed in place.

The two most common uses for the extra depth?

  • Printing on assembled items or parts. Like boxes and marking components, which makes for a realistic alternative to pad printing.

#5: Braille

There is such a large market for braille signage! And with the new capabilities of Mutoh UV printers, you can be in that braille signage business.

Add UV Direct to Film

Direct to Film in the custom t-shirt business is the fastest growing technology in that sector. But UV printing direct-to-film solves a completely different set of issues, and offers some amazing opportunities for your UV Printer that you likely had not even considered.

The process is quite different from the high volume direct to film transfer printers for apparel that large customization shops are buying.

UV DTF is very different than printing on a roll of film, then adding hotmelt powder and THEN putting it through a dryer.

In the case of using the Mutoh XpertJet 461UF, you’ll print directly onto an adhesive film, laminate it according to the video below, then apply it like a high end sticker to just about anything.

UV DTF let’s you apply dimensional, professional high resolution graphics to surprising surfaces. Like the textures travel cup in the video, you can apply a UV DTF decal to multifaceted surfaces with ease.

And don’t forget more common applications like equipment labeling and branding and marking common surfaces.

Get your UV DTF Kit a the time of purchase for best pricing and availability.

Mutoh XpertJet 461UF

Only $425/month*
$ 18,995
  • 19 x 13 inch printer
  • UV/LED Local Dimming Technology
  • CMYK + White and Varnish
  • New Print Depth of 5.91 inches
  • Print Braille and other matte and glossy textures
  • Compress UV RIP software
  • One year on-site limited warranty

Promotion – Extended Warranty – Now through June 30, 2023

FREE 2nd Year On-Site Extended Limited Warranty – $3125 value. Requires Starter Ink Kit.

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