UV Printed Metal Health Safety Signs | Mutoh XpertJet 461UF

Metal Safety Signs Sell for $25 each and cost under $7.00 to make

You know that local business you’re already selling t-shirts to? Well, odds are they are now in need of some health safety signs for their storefront. These signs can range from face mask requirements to 6-foot distance reminders.

Some stores are currently using a few pieces of paper taped to the front door. Or laminated sheets printed out on their business laser printer. But these look terrible and have to be replaced constantly.

Not the image most businesses want to portray.

Custom Health Safety Signs for Sale

After some research on Amazon and other sites, we found that generic health safety metal signs are retailing around $20.00.  

BUT these signs are just generic messages with 2 color designs.

We also found official CDC guideline posters retailing for around $30.00. But these laminated posters can’t withstand the outdoor environment for long and even indoors tend to get roughed up.

This research shows that people will pay more money for signs that have an official CDC logo.

So, we will use $25.00 retail for our calculations, but pricing can vary widely

UV Printed Metal Signs – Costs to Produce

After some quick online research, you can find blank metal signs for only $4.62 per sign.

As far as ink cost goes, the “Wash your Hands” sign was only $0.15.

This means each UV printed metal sign cost $4.77 to produce. And this is for a full-color print.

Total costs of goods per health safety sign = less than $5.00.

How much can I make selling UV Printed Metal Safety Signs?

The Mutoh XperJet 461UF is FAST and can print each of the large, 12 x 18 metal signs in 5 minutes. And by printing the signs outlines on the bed, loading and unloading time is practically obsolete.

With this production speed and some wiggle room included you can easily flip the bed 10 times an hour.

By retailing each Metal Safety Sign at just $25 a piece you generate $250 in revenues in just one hour!

Revenues per hour: 10 metal signs per hour X $25.00/sign = $250

Materials Costs per Hour: $47.70

Remember, our cost of the blank metal sign + ink is $47.70.

So, 10 metal signs are going to cost you about $47.70 in materials.

10 metal signs per hour X $4.77/per mask = $47.70.

After subtracting the cost of goods, you can put $202.30 in your pocket for just ONE HOUR OF WORK!

Custom Metal Signs Return on Investment

Here’s the fun math on UV printing metal signs with the Mutoh XpertJet 461UF:

With an average financing price of $429 a month, for the Mutoh XpertJet 461UF you can make your monthly payments for just a little over two hours of printing OR by selling just 21 printed metal signs a month.

Everything after that is the profit you turn into growing your business and achieving your dreams!


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