Wrap Around Tumbler Printing | Compress iUV600

UV Printing gives you the freedom to print directly onto virtually anything.

But there are a few things that really capture people’s attention that are unique to the Compress UV lineup.

It’s the combination of those 2 things that made printing a 360-degree wrapped image around a Yeti tumbler possible.

Both the Compress iUV600s and iUV1200s have an 11.8” print depth! That means you can print a WIDE variety of items you wouldn’t think possible; like basketballs, electrical boxes, home décor items, and parts.

Parts like the motorcycle engine cowl we printed on as a sample.

Bundle Shown: $33,990 or – Financing Available

And the Rotary jig is something ColDesi had designed specifically for the Compress UV line. It can print not only on cylindrical items like you see in the video but conical ones too.

So the rotary jig allows the 360 print on the Yeti you see here, but will also print on travel mugs with a taper. No other UV printer will do as much!

Of course you can still print on typical UV substrates, like small promotional products, ie pens and key chains, BUT is also the perfect fit for more robust creations like tumblers.

A rotary attachment for your UV Printer makes it easy to make big profits by customizing high-value items like Yeti Tumblers and travel mugs.

For this application, the best part is no one else is doing anything quite like this!

That’s where you come in… Let’s break down some numbers.

Custom Yeti Tumblers for Sale

After a quick online search on websites like Etsy, we found large custom Yetis retailing for $139.99.

AND they are not full color, wrap-aroundcustom prints. Some sellers allow you to personalize with a name but only offer a couple of font and placement choices.  

With this kind of opening in the market, it’s easy to see you can get at least $130.00 each for a completely customized large Yeti Tumbler.

UV Wrap Around Print Tumblers – Costs to Produce

Now, these Yeti Tumblers are already a high-value item on their own. Which automatically increases the value. You can find blank 64 oz Yeti Tumblers on their website for $69.99.  

Ink costs to print this HUGE full-color landscape is only $2.00

For metal tumblers like these, we recommend the use of acetone and an adhesion promoter. These are inexpensive chemicals that can be found online. Just a tiny bit goes a long way so you probably would only use about $.05 worth for this whole job.

Total costs of goods per tumbler = $72.05

How much can I make selling Custom UV Printed Yeti Tumblers?

It took under 19 minutes for this full wrap-around print.

That means you can produce about 15 custom Yetis in just half a workday (or 5 hours).

By retailing each custom Yeti at $130.00 a piece you generate $1,950 in revenues in just half a day!

Revenues per hour: 15 tumblers per hour X $130.00/tumbler = $1,950.00

Materials Costs per 15 tumblers: $255.75

Remember, our cost of the blank yeti tumblers + the ink and adhesion promoter is about $72.05.

So, 15 printed tumblers is going to cost you about $255.75 in materials.

After subtracting the cost of goods, you can put $1,694.25 in your pocket for just a half-day of work!

Full Printed Yeti Tumblers Return on Investment

Here’s the fun math on making printing these tumblers:

With an average financing price of $735 a month for our Compress iUV600 you can make your monthly payments by selling just 7 custom printed Yeti Tumblers!

Everything after that is pure profit!

Want to know more?

For more information about the fast, versatile UV Printers contact us or call (855) 201-9185 toll-free.

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