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Custom Light Switches Sell for $10 each and cost $.50 to make

UV Printing gives you the freedom to print directly onto virtually anything.

Our line of UV Printers is ideal for not just promotional products like pens and key chains BUT is also the perfect fit for more creative projects like custom home decor.

The speed and quality of the Mutoh XpertJet 461UF makes it easy to make big profits by turning something inexpensive and simple like light switch plates into custom masterpieces.

Let’s break down some numbers.

Custom Light Switch Plates for Sale

After a quick online search on websites like Etsy, custom light switch plates are retailing anywhere from $7 to $14.

AND they are not really custom. Meaning, they are selling several of the exact same light switch plates. Some sellers allow you to personalize with a name but only offer one font and one placement.  

With this kind of competition, it’s easy to see you can get at least $10 each for a completely customized light switch.

UV Printed Light Switch Plates – Costs to Produce

Now, a 10 pack of these light switch plates was $3.97 at our local home improvement store. So, each plate is about $.40 a piece. But if you are buying these in bulk you can get them for even less.  

Ink costs to print 8 light switch plates in only $0.29. That is for ALL 8 plates.

This means each light switch plate is costing you a fraction of a penny in ink costs. And this is for an all-over, full-color print.

For plastics like these, we recommend the use of an adhesion promoter. This can be found on Colman and Company $75.00 a bottle. Just a tiny bit goes a long way so you probably would only use about $.05 worth for this whole job.

Total costs of goods per light switch plate = less than $.50.

How much can I make selling Custom UV Printed Light Switch Plates?

The Mutoh XpertJet 461UF is FAST. It took under 3 minutes to print on all 8 light switch plates.

Let’s say you fill the whole bed with 16 light switches; this will take about 6 minutes to print.

That means you can easily flip the bed about 9 times an hour.

By retailing each custom light switch plate at just $10 a piece you generate $1,440 in revenues in just one hour!

Revenues per hour: 144 light switch plate per hour X $10.00/plate = $1,440.00

Materials Costs per Hour: $72.00

Remember, our cost of the light switch plate + the ink and adhesion promoter is about $0.50.

So, 144 Light Switch Plates is going to cost you about $72.00 in materials.

144 light switch plates per hour X $0.50/per plate = $72.00

After subtracting the cost if goods you are able to put $1,368.00 in your pocket for just ONE HOUR OF WORK!

Light Switch Plate Return on Investment

Here’s the fun math on making metallic and neon transfers:
With an average financing price of $429 a month for our Mutoh Xpertet 461UF you can make your monthly payments by selling just 43 light switch plates a month. Everything after that is pure profit!

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