Use Flexible UV Ink for Printing Sports Balls and Other Flexible Items

Flexible UV Inks Let YOU DO More and Make More Money. John hates to say No to his customers.  He’s spent 16 years building up his family’s UV ink printing business and now works with dozens of sports equipment distributors.  John’s a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work printing custom logos and images. His customers keep […]

Wrap Around Tumbler Printing | Compress iUV600

UV Printing gives you the freedom to print directly onto virtually anything. But there are a few things that really capture people’s attention that are unique to the Compress UV lineup. Printing Dept Rotary Jig It’s the combination of those 2 things that made printing a 360-degree wrapped image around a Yeti tumbler possible. […]

Short Run Package Printing and the Power of a UV Printer

Using a Direct-to-Substrate UV Printer for Short-Run Package Printing Fast, new industrial-grade UV printers do much more than package prototyping and proofing. You can also use them to print short runs of customized packaging. Do you need to print labels, folding cartons, rigid boxes, paper bags or plastic sheets? What about film sleeves, corrugated display […]