Use Flexible UV Ink for Printing Sports Balls and Other Flexible Items

Flexible UV Inks Let YOU DO More and Make More Money.

John hates to say No to his customers.  He’s spent 16 years building up his family’s UV ink printing business and now works with dozens of sports equipment distributors.  John’s a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work printing custom logos and images.

His customers keep coming back because they notice the difference in UV quality.  His prints look better than his competitors, and he’s able to print faster with his equipment.

The problem is John kept getting asked to print on Basketballs, Volleyballs, Golf Balls, and other flexible sports-related items.

For years he’d been turning down big contracts to print custom logos on flexible sports items. Watching his customers order that works from someone else.

There wasn’t a good solution for printing high-color custom prints on flexible products.  But now there is…

Flexible Goods Require Flexible UV Inks

In the UV printing world, the quality of your work will be judged by two things:

Traditionally, UV inks have been designed to print and cure on flat surfaces like metal, wood, or plastics.  However, new advancements in UV ink chemistry have produced inks that are perfect for flexible goods like printing on golf balls, etc.

These inks can handle leathers, nylons, polyester, and plastics that are designed to stretch and bend.  They are especially good for basketballs, golf balls, softballs, leather, and rubberized goods.  You can even print on plastics BEFORE they are heated and vacuum molded.

What Other Things Can You Print with Flexible UV Ink?

The Compress brand is already the best UV printer for speed and reliability that you can buy.  You can literally print on hundreds of thousands of items of all shapes and sizes.

So naturally, adding flexible UV ink to their lineup means you won’t have to say NO to your customers anymore.


Flexible Inks Let You Do More

Flexible UV ink costs a little bit more than traditional inks.  $299 per liter vs $249 per liter.  However, when you break that down on a per item basis, the difference is negligible.

The profits you can generate are enormous because the demand for flexible goods is at an all-time high.  UV printers are taking over traditional solvent print markets, so adding a flexible option to your UV business means demand will be high.

You’ll maintain the same maintenance schedule when using flexible inks.  And, we have not noticed any additional problems with machines that are running UV inks.

*Note: You can transition an existing machine to flexible inks, but you wouldn’t want to switch inks back and forth.  Just like other custom apparel equipment, you’ll want to dedicate your equipment for the types of jobs you’ll be doing.

Flexible Inks Maximize the UV Printing Advantage

One of the most attractive things about printing with UV inks is that you can typically handle them right out of the machine.  UV printers don’t rely on outdated “wet” technologies which must be cured after printing.

With flexible UV ink, you’ll be able to print custom:

AND you can ship them on the same day.  That’s nearly Impossible with traditional flexible printing technologies.  This is especially true when you need to print and ship in bulk.

The problem is round custom printed items tend to bounce around in shipping.  That means delays in shipping or special handling are required.  Not true with UV flexible prints.  The UV cures them as they print.

More good news; flexible inks don’t require any additional software to use. There’s no extra processing or wait time. You can count on the same fast speeds you’ve come to expect with regular UV inks.

Want to know more?

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