Printing Braille | Growing Your Business with UV

If you’re looking for ways to expand your business, one fantastic opportunity for growth is in the Braille signage marketplace. Graphics and/or Sign Companies Already Have Most of the Skills Necessary From the perspective of a graphics company the opportunity exists in the signage arena. For starters, there are some specific guidelines for Braille signage guidelines. […]

What is UV LED Printing?

This problem-solving technology and why it matters to YOU So, you’ve heard all the craze about UV-LED flatbed printers for printing directly on to a whole range of products that you didn’t think could be direct printed. You may have even seen them at a trade show or in someone’s shop. But do you really […]

Making a Jig for UV Printing

Creating a Temporary Jig | Lapel Pin Example We receive a lot of different items to print for samples. While many items are fairly straightforward – flat, level, easy to target. Some are more challenging. Recently we were sent some lapel pins to print on. They were small – .75” diameter and obviously would not […]

Bypassing Pad Printing Suppliers | Eliminate the Middleman and Save $$$

Printing in-house can provide a better return on investment, as opposed to subcontracting the work out to a pad printing supplier. Many of your customers who order custom apparel from you also purchase promotional materials. Or if they don’t, they either don’t know where to get it done or haven’t thought about where to buy […]

UV Printing is Better Than Pad Printing for Unique Items

Pad printing allows you to print images onto many 3D objects. Traditionally it’s been used to print on items that have been considered difficult to print on because of shape or texture. However, pad printing is not the best choice when it comes to printing on unique objects. If you’re looking for a better way […]

Printing Variable Data on a Flatbed UV Printer

Using the Compress iUV600s printer, we created name badges to showcase how the variable data on a flatbed UV Printer can be used to print name badges and other variable data objects. We ordered plastic name badges off of Amazon (1.5 inches x 3 inches). The badges came to about $1.28 each. Using the printer to create full-color badges, […]

Custom Golf Ball Printer | UV Printer Application

Printing 108 Custom Golf Balls in Under 4 Minutes The Compress iUV600s is not JUST a custom golf ball printer, of course. But this is a great example of a real, profitable application for putting logos on golf balls that will serve a wide variety of uses as well. On the other hand, if you’re […]

Build a Prototyping Business with a Small Format UV Printer

A small-format UV printer can be an extremely versatile tool for a prototyping business. We carry models equipped with height-adjustable printheads and white and clear inks.  You can print colors, images, designs, and surface textures on many different objects and rigid and flexible materials, including paper, plastics, flexible films, acrylic, glass, wood, and metal. You […]

Six Ways to Use a UV Printer to Grow Your Awards Business

UV Printing can add Color to Almost Anything Adding a fast, industrial-grade UV printer to your awards business can multiply the number of products your awards and engraving business can design and create. The UV printer will enable you to sell more products to current customers or expand into new markets. A UV printer gives […]