Six Ways to Use a UV Printer to Grow Your Awards Business

UV Printing can add Color to Almost Anything

Adding a fast, industrial-grade UV printer to your awards business can multiply the number of products your awards and engraving business can design and create. The UV printer will enable you to sell more products to current customers or expand into new markets.

A UV printer gives you the freedom to design and print whatever mix of products you choose. Print full-color designs, logos, textures, and images on wood, acrylic, glass, metal, and crystal surfaces as well as flexible substrates such as papers, films, and plastic sheets.

White inks make it possible to print vivid photographic images and graphics on clear substrates. Use clear inks to add creative surface textures to backgrounds or embossed effects to logos.

With “variable-data-printing,” the name of each award recipient can automatically be imprinted at the same time the awards are being decorated with logos or images.

Here are six ways you can use a fast, versatile UV printer can grow your awards business:

Print colorful designs, logos, textures, and images in full color on the flat surfaces of wood, acrylic, glass, metal, and crystal products.  Visuals such as sports action shots, specific locations, or historical photos can enhance the uniqueness of the design and boost the emotional appeal. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the award designer.

Print a selection of creative award designs for your showroom. Then photograph them for use in online marketing. Send a sample or two to your best customers.

Imprint each award recipient’s name along with your client’s logo and brand colors or images on the boxes that will be used to package each award before presentation. Custom packaging reinforces the perception that the award is truly something special.

Online marketing has made it easy to set up multiple storefronts or web pages and cater to different specific types of markets. If demand starts to wane among school groups, you can easily create sample designs and awards to market to different types of businesses, associations, university groups, or athletic organizations.

Because the newest models from Compress UV Printer are faster and less labor-intensive than dye-sublimation printers, you can produce a higher volume of personalized awards every hour.  Unlike dye sublimation, UV printers don’t required polymer-coated substrates or additional production equipment such as a heat press. The ability to provide quick turnaround of larger orders will enable you to serve larger companies and organizations.

Imprint the company logo on functional items such as notebooks, business-card holders, flash drives, keychains, and other items that your corporate clients can give away at trade shows or events.

Bring Your Full-Color Awards Printing In-house

If your company outsources larger full-color jobs that can’t be quickly fulfilled with dye sublimation printing, now is the time to bring full-color awards printing in-house.

As you continue to refine your award design and marketing skills, orders for awards and motivational gifts will come from a variety of clients, each with different tastes, budgets, and expectations.

To properly serve this broader base of customers, you need an industrial-grade UV printer that can keep pace an increased volume of orders and expectations for fast turnaround.

With a fast, industrial UV printer from, you can expand your marketing efforts and feel confident you can deliver almost any type of job that comes your way.

For example, the Compress® iUV-600 LNE Series can handle uninterrupted mass decoration of materials up to 5.9 inches (150 mm) thick and 17.1 x 17.1 inches (450 x 450 mm) in dimension.

It can print all day with minimal operator intervention. The automated cartridge loader can feed up to 300 trays of awards to be decorated into the printer. The trays of printed awards travel to either a conveyor or stacker for final inspection.

The Compress iUV-600 printers are up to 8 times faster than competitive printers because Compress uses two UV LED lamps for faster curing of the inks. Depending on the size of the item and its images and special effects, hundreds of awards can be personalized in just a few hours.

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