Common Applications for UV Printing / Marking on Metal

3 Problem Solvers for UV Printing on Metal Companies are coming to us more and more for UV Printing on metal applications. And the Compress brand of UV Printers is turning out to be a real problem solver for marking on metal. Here are some common applications for printing on metal, or “marking” as it’s […]

How to Print Yard Signs with a UV Printer

How to Print Yard Signs with a UV Printer How to Tips & Tricks to reduce labor and improve profits producing plastic yard signs on your flatbed UV printer How to print yard signs? It’s pretty simple with the right flatbed UV printer. People want full-color customized yard signs for a lot of different applications. […]

Custom Golf Ball Printer | UV Printer Application

Printing 108 Custom Golf Balls in Under 4 Minutes The Compress iUV600s is not JUST a custom golf ball printer, of course. But this is a great example of a real, profitable application for putting logos on golf balls that will serve a wide variety of uses as well. On the other hand, if you’re […]

Printing Acrylic Glass Signs | Small Format LED UV Printer Application

Best Methods for Printing on Acrylic Glass Printing acrylic glass signs can be a challenge without the right equipment.  There are lots of ways to print on acrylics, but if you plan to do large glass signs, some methods are better than others. Some people will print acrylic glass sublimation equipment; others will cut vinyl […]

Build a Prototyping Business with a Small Format UV Printer

A small-format UV printer can be an extremely versatile tool for a prototyping business. We carry models equipped with height-adjustable printheads and white and clear inks.  You can print colors, images, designs, and surface textures on many different objects and rigid and flexible materials, including paper, plastics, flexible films, acrylic, glass, wood, and metal. You […]

Why a Small Format UV Printer Makes Sense for Your Sign Business

Sign businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from owning a small format UV printer. With these fast, versatile UV Printers you can better serve current customers and attract new ones. Like their large-format counterparts, a small format UV printer uses inks cured by UV-lights to make instant-dry prints on a huge assortment of […]

Short Run Package Printing and the Power of a UV Printer

Using a Direct-to-Substrate UV Printer for Short-Run Package Printing Fast, new industrial-grade UV printers do much more than package prototyping and proofing. You can also use them to print short runs of customized packaging. Do you need to print labels, folding cartons, rigid boxes, paper bags or plastic sheets? What about film sleeves, corrugated display […]