Why a Small Format UV Printer Makes Sense for Your Sign Business

Sign businesses of all types and sizes can benefit from owning a small format UV printer. With these fast, versatile UV Printers you can better serve current customers and attract new ones.

Like their large-format counterparts, a small format UV printer uses inks cured by UV-lights to make instant-dry prints on a huge assortment of coated and uncoated materials and objects.

Along with yard signs, wayfinding signs, and warning signs, your shop can print promotional products, awards, prototypes, packaging, and product samples.

Small Format UV Printer Possibilities:

Offer a wider-range of products to your local customers.

The same companies that hire you to make signs for their new businesses may also need promotional giveaways for grand openings and press events.

You can help your customers quickly achieve a big-business look by printing branded shipping or display boxes for their new products.  And you can do it by offering them small quantities at a good profit margin for you.

Print awards and gifts for community groups

If part of your marketing strategy includes making signs for local charity events or civic groups, offer to print some awards or personalized gifts for their volunteers.

Many event planners prefer relying on one vendor for all of their short-run printing requirements.

Reserve large-format for other jobs

A small-format UV printer can be a perfect complement to a large-format UV flatbed printer.

While the large-format devices create big signs and intricate displays, the industrial a small format UV printer can print dozens of smaller items, such restaurant coasters, take-out or pizza delivery boxes, and tabletop signs.

Create products on-demand for e-tailers.

Many artists, photographers, and designers have fantastic ideas for creatively customized gifts and decorative objects they can sell through Etsy or in local boutiques.

As orders are received, your shop can print and ship the products in custom-branded boxes.

Show creative entrepreneurs the beautiful textures and surface embellishments you can create with the white and clear inks on your UV-LED printer and let their imagination run wild.

Expand the reach of your own sign business

Design and create your own specialty products for sale through online storefronts.

Instead of limiting your business to commercial signage, you can print inspirational quotes or artwork on acrylic or metal panels.

With new types of print-shop-management software, orders from online storefronts can go directly into an automated order management system and be scheduled and shipped, using digitally printed labels and shipping boxes.

Help lead the mass-customization revolution.

The ongoing expansion of e-commerce and other trends will decrease the demand for mass-produced goods in favor of products that are manufactured and decorated to meet the needs and tastes of individual buyers.

Sign businesses have always excelled at manufacturing customized products for individual clients. With the versatility of an industrial, small format UV printer, you can promote your business as an innovator in custom products and prototypes.

This type of diversification can also help protect your business from seasonal fluctuations in demand or downturns in the economy.

Other Considerations

You don’t need to hire extra personnel to increase the range of products you can offer.

Industrial systems such as the Compress® iUV 600 Series can be equipped with automated feeders and post-print conveyors and stackers. These printers can produce literally thousands of custom-decorated products per shift with minimal operator intervention.

Printers such as the Compress iUV-600 BRD series can print full-color images directly on sign blanks, packaging materials, and corrugated materials up to 23.1 x 47.2 inches (600 x 1200 mm).

The Compress® iUV-600 LNE Series can handle uninterrupted mass decoration of materials up to 5.9 inches (150 mm) thick and 17.1 x 17.1 inches (450 x 450 mm) in dimension.

Want to know more?

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