UV Printer Ink Overview

For a significant majority of users wanting to benefit from digital print technology, it was the advent of UV-curable ink chemistries that turned wishful thinking into reality. Although long-established in analog environments, there were challenges that needed to be met with these formulations before truly practical engines could move into the mainstream inkjet market. These […]

Understanding the UV Curable Process and Application

There is a new buzzword (s) going around the digital printing industry “UV Curable” What exactly does this mean? Mainly, It refers to the ink that is used in UV printing. But it is also used to refer to those substrates or items that will “accept” UV ink and produce a solid bond when exposed […]

How to Improve UV Printer Ink Adhesion

Before you can improve adhesion for your  UV prints, you’ll need to understand what needs to happen to get good adhesion.  In other words, we need to get the UV ink to properly “wet” the surface. The best way to describe this is by thinking about your car when it is freshly waxed versus when […]

Use Flexible UV Ink for Printing Sports Balls and Other Flexible Items

Flexible UV Inks Let YOU DO More and Make More Money. John hates to say No to his customers.  He’s spent 16 years building up his family’s UV ink printing business and now works with dozens of sports equipment distributors.  John’s a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work printing custom logos and images. His customers keep […]

Common Applications for UV Printing / Marking on Metal

3 Problem Solvers for UV Printing on Metal https://vimeo.com/272382188 Companies are coming to us more and more for UV Printing on metal applications. And the Compress brand of UV Printers is turning out to be a real problem solver for marking on metal. Here are some common applications for printing on metal, or “marking” as it’s […]