How to UV Print on Golf Balls

With a lot of people looking for new hobbies to indulge in, many of them find the joy of playing a game of golf in the vast green courses. Because of this increase in this sport’s popularity, we believe that selling promotional golf products is a lucrative business venture to explore. If you want to […]

UV Printing is Better Than Pad Printing for Unique Items

Pad printing allows you to print images onto many 3D objects. Traditionally it’s been used to print on items that have been considered difficult to print on because of shape or texture. However, pad printing is not the best choice when it comes to printing on unique objects. If you’re looking for a better way […]

Custom Tiles in Ceramic or Clay Murals Printed on UV Printers

New homeowners have a challenge in deciding how they want the custom tiles in both the kitchen and the bathrooms to look. Often they are looking for that perfect tile or backsplash that accentuates the colors in their home and represents their family and interests.  But they can’t find exactly what they want. Millions of people wanting […]

Custom Golf Ball Printer | UV Printer Application

Printing 108 Custom Golf Balls in Under 4 Minutes The Compress iUV600s is not JUST a custom golf ball printer, of course. But this is a great example of a real, profitable application for putting logos on golf balls that will serve a wide variety of uses as well. On the other hand, if you’re […]