Pad printing allows you to print images onto many 3D objects. Traditionally it’s been used to print on items that have been considered difficult to print on because of shape or texture. However, pad printing is not the best choice when it comes to printing on unique objects. If you’re looking for a better way […]

Direct Digital Printing with UV-LED Printers on Plastic Enclosures

Manufacturers of plastic enclosures have struggled with the best process for printing onto their products for years. Common applications would be labeling connectors, plugs, ports, and switches.  For instance, by adding graphics such as corporate logos or product model names or numbers as well as mandated warnings and electrical requirements. Historically this has been done […]

Bypassing Pad Printing Suppliers | Eliminate the Middleman and Save $$$

Printing in-house can provide a better return on investment, as opposed to subcontracting the work out to a pad printing supplier. Many of your customers who order custom apparel from you also purchase promotional materials. Or if they don’t, they either don’t know where to get it done or haven’t thought about where to buy […]

UV Printing = the “New” Pad Printing

Pad printing has been the standard for decorating a wide range of items ranging from electronic micro-components to toys to ad specialty items to golf balls and the like for the better part of the last 75 years. Materials ranging from plastics to metals and wood to ceramics and glass can all be embellished with pad printing […]